Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Superhero afternoon

It's days like today that make me think I have the best job in the world. It was my last transition afternoon with my new class before September so I wanted to make it extra fun. I decided that a superhero afternoon was in order (prompted by the child who turned up to his parent interview dressed as Batman).

I took a picture of each child and photoshopped it on to these Twinkl superhero pictures. We started by talking about superheroes that we knew of and what made them so super. I loved hearing the children's thoughts; Batman was a particular favourite! I told everyone that I knew some superheroes that were even better than Batman and produced my superhero bag. There was such a squeal when I brought out the first picture!

I was aiming for a PSED theme for the session so I decided to talk about what made each of the children super. I wrote the ideas that we came up with on a yellow circle behind each superhero (I will get a picture asap).

And then we coloured! The finished products looked amazing; here's my effort:

The fun didn't end there! I spent the whole afternoon wearing a superhero mask and bin bag cape running around and solving crime. I'm not sure if the parents liked being given a bin bag to take home, but the children loved it!

'Welcome to my class' postcards

Time is flying by so quickly at the moment! 1 week left of school until the summer holidays and it won't be long until I have my new class either. I plan to send the children a postcard over the summer holidays telling them how much I'm looking forward to having them in my class to try and make them feel excited instead of nervous about starting school.

I ordered this design ages ago from vistaprint and they finally arrived today. They are perfect for what I'm looking for and I only had to pay the postage fee!

I'm going to send these in August to try and combat any little worries =)

I'd really recommend taking a look at Vistaprint. They have quite a lot of free offers; many of which are perfect for the classroom. Enjoy.